Sunday, April 6, 2014


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Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry by a Board Certified Cabo Dentist for the Cost of a Non-Certified Dentist!

A Board Certified Cabo dentist is who you want for your crown, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants - especially if the cost is the same as for a less-trained general dentist in Cabo.

 UPDATED 5/2016

If you've spent any time in a rich locale-- be it Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, or even a quaint looking southern town with old money -- then you've met people with impossibly perfect teeth. The kind that rekindle images of Justin Timberlake and Hallie Barry.

 Big white straight perfect teeth. If you've driven around in these towns, you've probably also seen exteriors (if not interiors) of high-end dental clinics with windows of beveled glass and likely a chandelier or two in the main entry. The old vision of visiting a dentist out of a necessity due to a cavity or root canal has been sublimated by consumer demands for aesthetically balanced teeth, be this in the way of whitening, orthodontia, veneers, or dental implants.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Los Cabos & Puerto Vallarta Dentist Are Top Picks for Mexico Dental Vacation

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Mexico Dental Vacation Top Picks - Dentists in Cabo, Cancun Puerto Vallarta. 

Tijuana dental clinics are popular too as patients can stay and play in San Diego just across the border

By Sylvia Mittleman

A Board Certified Cabo dentist is your best option for crowns, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta dentists and Cabo dental clinics are prime Mexican dental vacation destinations for 1,000's of American and Canadian dental tourists each year who combine a vacation in a Mexican resort town with having low-cost major dental treatments. According to the Mexican Ministry of Tourism, Mexico dental tourism is the fastest growing segment of the countries tourism industry.

With the growth of the beach tourist resort towns of Cancun, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta; foreign dental tourist patients (most from the USA and Canada) have been increasingly going to these locales for Mexican dental vacations - saving money on major dental treatments such as cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Mexico while enjoying a world-class vacation for little or no cost.

A cosmetic dental makeover or dental implant by a board certified Cabo or Puerto Vallarta dentist is a fraction of the cost at an Alberta Canada or Dallas dental clinic.