Saturday, April 5, 2014

Los Cabos & Puerto Vallarta Dentist Are Top Picks for Mexico Dental Vacation

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Mexico Dental Vacation Top Picks - Dentists in Cabo, Cancun Puerto Vallarta. 

Tijuana dental clinics are popular too as patients can stay and play in San Diego just across the border

By Sylvia Mittleman

A Board Certified Cabo dentist is your best option for crowns, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta dentists and Cabo dental clinics are prime Mexican dental vacation destinations for 1,000's of American and Canadian dental tourists each year who combine a vacation in a Mexican resort town with having low-cost major dental treatments. According to the Mexican Ministry of Tourism, Mexico dental tourism is the fastest growing segment of the countries tourism industry.

With the growth of the beach tourist resort towns of Cancun, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta; foreign dental tourist patients (most from the USA and Canada) have been increasingly going to these locales for Mexican dental vacations - saving money on major dental treatments such as cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Mexico while enjoying a world-class vacation for little or no cost.

A cosmetic dental makeover or dental implant by a board certified Cabo or Puerto Vallarta dentist is a fraction of the cost at an Alberta Canada or Dallas dental clinic.

Dental prices for treatments  in Mexico are 40-75 percent less than back home. One could buy a nice car with the savings on large treatments like cosmetic dental makeovers that run $50,000 and more in the States and less than half that with a Cabo dentist. And the Mexican dental vacation part is priceless.

Low-cost flights will run from $200 to $700 depending on your buy with flights from all major US and Canadian cities to a Cabo or Puerto Vallarta dentist run from 2-6 hours. That's comparable in time to driving to a border town, but without the long border waits or other hassles that come with the territory.

The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association dentist is just off the Cabo marina - photo by About Mexican staff - Cabo's famed Lands End Arch in the background with the exciting Cabo Rey party boat in front.

Security for Cabo dentist patients: Cabo, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta have the lowest crimes rates of any cities in Mexico according to US FBI statistic; rates comparable to many US small towns, and lower than Las Vegas, Honolulu or Orlando.

Both Cabo and Puerto Vallarta are upscale tourist resort towns, full of fine resorts, charter fishing fleets, championship golf courses, fine restaurants and miles of beautiful beaches. And some of the best board certified dentists in Mexico who were drawn to live in these paradises for the same reason over 4 million US and Canadian tourists visit these resort towns annually.

For those contemplating a Mexican dental vacation, the Board Certified Mexican Dentist Association features Cabo and Puerto Vallarta dentists who specialize in the types of dentistry many dental tourists are seeking such as root canals, crowns, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and dental implants.

Little known fact: A Certified Mexico dentist in Mexico cost the same as less-skilled general dentists.

Board Certified Mexico Dentists (BCMD) have 2-6 more years of advanced specialist training and cost the same as general dentists in Mexico. You will be safe and sure of getting the best dentistry when you go with a Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association member for your important dentistry.

Cabo Surf Hotel is a favorite Mexican dental vacation spot for Cabo dental patients. There are 3 surf breaks off the beach in front of the 7 Seas Restaurant at the hotel.  Photo by Mexico Dentist Guide staff

Dr. Nelson Henry DMD is an American affiliate of Board Certified Mexico Dentists Assn. and owner of the dental travel site - About Mexican - Mexico Dentist Guide. He has been referring patients to Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association dentists for almost a decade.

The best dentists in Mexico are Board Certified Dentists and they cost no more than non-certified dentists in Mexico. 

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