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The Horrors of Dental Avoidance Can be Cured by a Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana or Cabo Dental Vacation Dentist

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Dental Avoidance is Best Cured with a Mexican Dental Vacation to Puerto Vallarta or Dentist in Cabo

About Mexican Dentists .com has a Board Certified Dentist in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Cancun, and  Puerto Vallarta. Dr. Terre is a certified oral surgeon and has 5 specialists in her 2 clinics.

From Wooden Choppers To A Mexican Dental Vacation

By David Mandich - 

Over a hundred years ago, most people lost all their permanent teeth by the time they were forty-five if they weren’t already dead from cholera, typhoid, smallpox, influenza, tuberculosis or other killers. The average life span a hundred years ago was only forty-five years. Advances in health care and medicines have increased the average life span to over seventy-five in most industrialized countries.

In the past, a pair of pliers was as common a tool for dentists as as scissors and razors were for barbers. The red and white striped barber pole symbolized blood and sanitation and barbers also pulled teeth. Over a hundred years ago - If you had a really good dentist, you might get a set of wooden teeth made to replace your rotting ones. Anesthesia – was whiskey in the US, tequila in Mexico.

Even though dentistry as a specialty existed in Egypt as far back as 3000 B.C., there was not much progress in the field until the foundation of the world’s first dental college in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1840. Dentistry as a separate medical field was taught at the National University in Mexico beginning around the same time. Since those times there have been many improvements in treatment and prevention.

A dentist today is just like any other physician in his training. A cardiologist operates on your heart; a surgeon on your bones or organs, a dental medical doctor specializes in your teeth, gums, jawbone and diseases of the mouth and throat. The health of your teeth can affect the health of your entire body. Diseases originating in your mouth are highly contagious, can cause problems in your throat, nervous and blood systems for example. And can shorten your life or kill you.

There are many exciting activities awaiting the dental tourist who visits a Cabo dentist. Photo by David Mandich for About Mexican

Many people visit a Cabo dentist, enjoying a Mexican dental vacation with their savings on dental work performed in Cabo vs. the high cost of treatments back home. Dr. Guillermo Limon's cosmetic dentistry clinict serves the local foreign community and dental tourists alike. Patients from typically save on average $2,000 to as much as $40,000 on their dentistry in Cabo vs. having the treatments in the US or Canada.

Board Certified Cabo Dentist Dr Guillermo Limon

Certfied Cabo Dentists

Receive a Free Online Consultation at US dentist Dr. Nelson Hernry's Mexico Dentist Guide

Board Certified Cabo dentist Dr Limon does superior dentistry for the same price as far less-trained general dentists in Mexico.  Certified dentists are what most dental tourists require when having crowns, root canals, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Mexico.

President of the National College of Oral Surgeons - he's one of the best in Mexico for your dental implants, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, tmj disorders and more. 

Photo: Author David Mandich (straw hat) with wife General Dentist Dr Rosa Pena on a Cabo Sunset Cruise.  Photo by About Mexican staff.

Author David Mandich was the co-founder of Angels Touch Dental Clinic (closed 2011) with his general dentist wife Dr. Pena.  Mandich lives in Cabo and writes for Los Cabos Magazine, Los Cabos Guide, Luxury Avenue Magazine, Vallarta Escapes and many other publications. 

Former Angels Touch Dental Clinic (name changed to Cabo Soft Dental Care 2011)  Co-owner of Angeles Touch with general dentist wife doctor Rosa Pena, David Mandich sold his Mexican Dental Vacation company - About Mexican - Mexico Dentist Guide, to US dentist Dr. Nelson Henry DMD.

Visit US Dr. Nelson Henry's Mexico Dentist Guide for a Free Consultation by Dr. Limon, other certified dentists in Mexico 

For the best dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, veneers, dental makeovers in Mexico always insist on a Board Certified Dentist!

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