Monday, March 24, 2014

OBAMA HEALTH CARE - Mexican Dentists are Dancing in the Streets

Obama Care Has Mexican Dentists Dancing in the Streets

Dentists in Mexico are dancing in the streets over Obama’s new health care reform bill, as the majority of the treatments received by Americans in Mexico fall within the areas that will continue to be denied coverage by American dental insurance plans such as multiple root canals, crowns and cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and oral restorations. Mexican dentists will continue to enjoy the steady flow of inadequately insured American patients who head south for affordable dental care as they have for decades.

The Health Care Reform allocates money for dental schools, equipment, computer record keeping systems, allows more poor onto the Medicaid program which essentially allows for extractions of bad teeth rather than restorations. It also allows the insurance companies to keep charging premiums while permitting one crown or root canal a year. Good job ADA and dental insurance company lobbyists!

So what does a person do when he or she needs 3 crowns, 2 root canals, a bridge or a full-mouth restoration? They do the same as they did before Health Care Reform- mortgage the house. Or take a dental vacation.

Your new smile is but 2-5 hours away by plane from all major US cities.

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