Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mexican Dental Vacation for Seniors, Aarp Dental Travel

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Mexican Dental Vacation for Senior Dental Travel, Superior Dentistry for Aarp Dental Patients

A tranquil Mexican Dental Vacation resort scene a few miles south of your Puerto Vallarta Dentist.

By Mexican Dentist Guide:

AARP dental plan members, seniors and Baby Boomer dental makeover patients can have dental vacations with free airfare to a Cabo dentist, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta dentist by About Mexican Dentists.com the Mexico dental travel company owned by an America dentist. The program goes a long way toward helping many seniors solve their health care crisis by making a Mexican dental vacation.

Cabo dentists Cancun, Mazatlan & Puerto Vallarta dentists are world-class Mexican dental vacation destinations visited by thousands of dental tourists every year. They feature miles of beaches, big game fishing, golf on designer courses, shopping in designer malls, casinos, fine dining, and activities galore from surfing and dinner cruises to extreme sports. The warm sun and good times are sure to speed ones recovery.

Riders on Palmillia Bay in Los Cabos. Photo by David Mandich for About Mexican Dentists.com

Tesoro Resort Marketing Director Antonio Duran states that the healthcare tourism niche is a growing facet of the Mexican tourism industry and his hotel appreciates dental vacationers and medical tourists because they stay at the hotel for 1 to 2 weeks versus 3.5 days for the average tourist.

Beautiful Palmilla Bay in Los Cabo not far from your Cabo Dentist, the tropical fish loaded bay is generally calm and perfect for snorkeling with underwater visibility @ 150' or more. Photo by David Mandich for About Mexican Dentists

In Mexico AARP dental, Baby Boomers and seniors from 50+ can have dentistry by English speaking board-certified specialists at a fraction of the prices back home. Whether you need several crowns, implants or a full mouth cosmetic restoration, you’ll save thousands of dollars by having your work done by a certified Mexico dentist in a fabulous resort town while vacationing virtually free.

Dental makeovers can cost $40-$75,000USD in the United States versus only $15-20,000USD with a Cabo dentist in Mexico using the same materials and equipment ordered from the same dental supply catalogs American dentists order from. 

Dental crowns that cost $800-3,000 in the US, cost only $425-650 with an About Mexican Dentists.com board certified Puerto Vallarta dentist in Mexico. Similar savings are available for plastic and general surgery patients.

For more information and a Free Online Consultation for your Mexico dental travel to a board certified Cabo, Cancun, Tijuana, Los Algodones or Puerto Vallarta dentist – visit  www.AboutMexicanDentists.com


Semi-retired American dentist Dr Nelson Henry AMD is the new owner of About Mexican Dentists.com. He sends patients to board certified Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Tijuana and Puerto Vallarta dentists for affordable dentistry. And is available for expert dental tourism advice and estimates.

Dr. Henry believes dentistry in America should be more affordable.  One way he makes this happen is to send large treatment patients such as those needing dental implants and cosmetic dentistry to dentists in Mexico. But only board certified dentists because they have the training for the procedures most dental tourism patients want.

Little known fact: A certified Mexico dentist costs the same as less-trained general dentist in Mexico.

Visit  His Mexico Dentist Guide website for Free Online Estimates, dentist resumes, referrals, Mexico dental vacation info and more
Visit: Mexico Dentist Guide by About Mexican Dentists.com

 Cabo San Lucas from Pedregal Estates. Photo by  David Mandich for About Mexican Dentists 

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