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How to Travel with the Elderly to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and Beyond

From the tops of the pyramids to beneath the Sea of Cortez, old and very old people, have historically traveled all over Mexico.

By Cabo San Lucas Writer David Mandich

With the graying of America, Baby Boomers increasingly bring their elderly parents to Mexico's Baja California on family vacations along with their younger "kids" (those 20-Somethings).
Mexico's sunshine, and warmth are seen as conducive to good health and renjuvenation by patients and medical professionals.

With more oldsters flying about it's been noted by medical professionals that airports can cause physiological and psychological stresses on the elderly. Simple baggage handling can be an Olympic challenge for some. At the airport - ask for a wheelchair and special assistance. Dad or Grandma may protest thinking it unnecessary (the dear hearts are so proud) - but assure them it's necessary to have them secure and comfortable as it makes the boarding procedures easier for all.

Caregivers should have pre-travel health consultations with a doctor to review the older persons health and vaccinations status prior to heading south. Travel medical insurance for persons over age 65 is a must with medical air evacuation insurance a plus. AARP has good programs for seniors that bring real peace-of-mind.

According to specialists in geriatric medicine - Kidney, heart and intestinal infections rate high on the list of medical concerns for aging travelers along with overexposure to sun and hypoxemic (oxygen) issues that affect the ability to breathe, reason, and physically move about.

Most resort hotels have wheelchairs to use in-house. In Cabo San Lucas, TransCabo ground transportation can accommodate your wheelchair and you'll save substantially on the special taxi by using Los Cabos Guide Vouchers. They have to remove a seat, bring a ramp and an extra person to help load - the undiscounted cost can run to approximately $200US. for a ride to Cabo from the San Jose airport. Don't be afraid to negotiate. Call from the USA 011 52 (624) 146-0888You may be able to rent a van for a week via the internet for about the same price. Budget, Dollar, Avis, etc. are all here.

Portable oxygen bottles and carts can be rented, refilled or purchased along with nasal supply tubes and masks at Praxair Medical Oxygen Service in San Jose del Cabo at 011 52 (624) 142-5096 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 52 (624) 142-5096 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Many American medicines are available here without prescriptions - prescriptions when required can often be obtained from clinics located conveniently near the pharmacies. American and Canadian insurance companies often reimburse for medical care received when abroad, so check with your provider in advance and be sure to keep receipts.

Northwest Medical Los Cabos has facilities in Cabo San Lucas, the major hotels and the airport to aid in medical emergencies with a doctor of geriatric medicine available. Dr. Felix Porras the hospitals director physician belongs to the Aerospace Medical Association and can be contacted for pre-travel advice at (624) 143-5404cel. 044 624 147-5263

They also rent wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs and portable oxygen tanks. To purchase the above items and other physicians' equipment including stethoscopes, blood pressure testers and portable defibrillators try Medica Los Cabos pharmacy on Zaragoza in San Jose del Cabo tel. 146-9895.

The pharmacy at Plaza Doradas on the 4-lane in San Jose is open 24 hours and has a full inventory of convalescent care products. They are more expensive than most other options. such as the pharmacies located in larger grocery stores.

Looking for reliable discount medicines? Major chain grocery stores such as Soriana's and Mega both have well stocked discount pharmacies with some home care products available such as shower chairs, wheelchairs, walkers etc. at fair prices.

In larger Mexican towns you'll find English speaking general practitioners, cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, anti-aging and other specialists as well as modern E.R. rooms in new hospitals such as Ameri-Med. Nurses and assistants are available to hire to help your viejos (old ones).

Having your oldster monitored by a professional nurse (or hotel recommended babysitter), allows you to go out-on-the-town without having to worry about them sinking at the swim-up bar after a  few margaritas. I know someone who hired an off-duty policeman to monitor their 20-Somethings (smile). I hired one to teach my college age daughter to drive in Cabo. That ended when she almost turned a mini-mart into a drive-thru.

Grandpas' dentures get lost and grandmas' crowns break - and always when on vacation. Board certified dentists at Certified Dentists Internationale' handle dental emergencies 24/7 for many resort hotels.

You'll discover dental care in Mexico or in other developing nations is a fraction of the cost back home and one can save enough on dental care in Mexico to vacation for free. Get a Free Online Consultation, resumes, referral and info on Mexico dental vacations in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Tijuana, Los Algodones plus dentists in Manila, HK, Bangkok, India, Dubai and many others at: Board Certified Dentists Internationale'

Best Los Cabos eye doctor - Did they (or you) lose your glasses? Are they (or you) seeing flashes, spots or floaters in your vision? For Lasik, cataract or other surgeries See San Jose del Cabo opthomologist Doctor Antonio Serrano. Tel. (624) 142 6465.

 I can personally recommend him - I was suffering all the above and he saved my sight with his thorough examination and affordable treatment.

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David Mandich writes about Baja, Mexico, Asia, dental and medical tourism, business, travel and just about anything of interest. He and his Cabo dentist wife general dentist Dr. Rosa Pena began the dental tourism clinic Angels Touch Dental clinic in San Jose del Cabo. (now closed). 

He recommends Board Certified dentists in Mexico for the more complicated  procedures most dental tourism patients need.

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