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Avoid Root Canals, Get Teeth That Replace Themselves - WSJ

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Avoid Root Canals Get Teeth That Replace Themselves

Here's a report that gives hope to everyone who dreads a date with the dentist for a root canal or dental makeover. 

Things are changing so fast in the biomedical field that it's hard for even professionals in the medical community to stay abreast of all the new developments. 

Especially amazing is the latest news on 3-D printing - do a Google search on it and prepare to be amazed. They are printing all kinds of 3-D things with machines - full-scale useable houses, tools, guns, human body parts and more! Futurists are having a field day. There are robots now that can make more more robots with 3-D printers which can  make more robots which can make more robots etc. etc. until someday robots will take over the planet.

The genius bio-med scientists have been growing artificial skin, ears, noses and recently vaginas for women unlucky enough to be born without.

And now teeth according to a recent story from the Wall Street Journal titled: Avoid Root Canals, Teeth That Replace Themselves

Even more sci-fi  is the recent re-creation of extinct species using dna.  A Wooly Mammoth is being grown at this moment using blood samples from a mammoth that was frozen in the Siberian tundra for 10,000 years. What next?  T-Rex? 

For those who cannot wait until the day arrives when they can go to their local pharmacy and pick up a bottle of baby artificial teeth to plant in their toothless gums - and to those who cannot afford from $45,000 to $75,000 for a dental makeover - cheer up, all hope is not gone. 


Consider taking a Mexican dental vacation. For procedures like bridges, dental implants, crowns or new veneers - your vacation could easily be free with your savings. 

In Mexico you will discover you can save 50 to 75% on your major dentistry. According to the Board Certified Mexico Dental Association - in 2014, US and Canadian dental patients spent on average $3,000 to $20,000 on treatments by the Association's member dentists in Mexico. And they saved from $5,000 to over $50,000 by heading south for their dental work. 

For Free estimates and referrals to top board certified dentists in Mexico's most popular dental travel destinations visit the website About Mexican  

The site is owned by retired American Dentist Dr. Nelson Henry DMD who enjoys sticking it to the American Dental Association by sending patients to board certified dentists in Mexico for affordable quality dental work.

And remember - when in Mexico for dental care - insist on a Board Certified Dentist. They cost the same as general dentists in Mexico but are fully trained and certified for the kinds of dentistry most dental tourists need.


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