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Cosmetic Dentistry in Mexico – Find the Best Cabo Certified Dentist for Your Money

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Get Superior Cosmetic Dentistry from a Board Certified Cabo Dentist for the price of a less-trained Non-Certified General Dentist in Cabo. 

Cabo dentist Dr. Limon is a Board Certified Mexico dentist in several fields including endodontics, orthodontics, tmj disorders, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. And he costs the same as a less-trained general dentist in Cabo.

By David Mandich - Mexico travel writer, dentist patient adviser

Don't you want a beautiful smile? Power smiles, winning smiles, seductive smiles and confidence building smiles make many a wish list. Celebrities and politicians are not the only ones that know the value of flashing a great set of pearlies – who would not love a healthy smile that dazzles and blinds. Forget designer handbags, and plastic surgery - great looking teeth are the new must-have fashion item.
The field of cosmetic dentistry is a relatively new and misunderstood discipline. In Mexico, cosmetic dentistry is taught in post-graduate dental colleges as a separate specialty the same as other specialties like oral surgery and periodontics. In the USA, the American Dental Association does not recognize this field as a separate specialty, hence it is not taught in the dental schools. 
Many general dentists (and Mexico) have decided to cash in by marketing themselves as a cosmetic dentist.  Add some ferns and paintings in the patient waiting area and the clinic feels almost… aesthetic.  And more expensive. 
One former general dentist in Texas became a cosmetic dentist overnight.  He went all-the-way by adding a player piano, swimming pool sized fish tank, and oriental rugs in his waiting area. He dressed his staff in black, and got himself a fancy hairdo.  

Then instead of bending over 12 general dentistry patients a day – drilling, filling and muttering “Now spit” he saw only 2 cosmetic dentistry patients a day.  Each patient was spending $75,000us on average for dental makeovers.  

Story goes that he contacted a Cabo dentist with the idea of sending patients to a Cabo dental clinic who could not afford his prices.  But he decided against the idea because he did not want word to get out in Texas that one could get the same work done by a Cabo dentist for only $15-25,000.  Including the airfare and resort stay.

About Mexican has Board Certified Cabo dentists, Cancun, Los Algodones  and Puerto Vallarta dentists for the your crown, veneer, cosmetic dentistry, dental makeover or dental implant in Mexico and the dentists costs the same as a less-trained general dentist in Mexico.
A Certified Mexico Dentist is what most dental tourists who come to Mexico for dentistry require. About Mexican lists several Cabo, dentists and others throughout Mexico.

In Mexico, specialists charge about the same as general dentists for crowns, bridges etc., so there’s no reason to go to a general dentist certified in only basic dentistry.

On the other hand, if you just need some cleaning, filling or pulling done – see that general dentist down street.  
Many Mexicans visit the dentist only when a tooth hurts so much and is so bad, it’s beyond saving. And it has to be pulled. Some dentists in the barrios make careers out of pulling teeth.  And you don’t want one of those guys learning to do root canal or making crowns at your expense.

Get your money’s worth!  Be sure your dentistry in Mexico will be made right and right the first time - see a certified dentist for your serious dental work. 

Cabo San Lucas from Pedregal Estates. 

One way Mexico Dentist Guide's new owner Dr. Henry makes dentistry affordable for many of his patients is to send large treatment patients such as those needing dental implants and cosmetic dentistry to dentists in Mexico - but only to Board Certified Dentists. 

That way they will be treated by the best!

Bienvenidos a Mexico!

David Mandich

For Free Mexico Dentist estimates, dentist resumes, referrals, Free clinic transportation (in some locales) and appointment setting at no additional cost: 


Author David Mandich is a Cabo dental tourism and healthcare writer and former founder and co-owner of Angels Touch Dental Clinic (Now Cabo  Soft Dental Care) along with his wife General Dentist Dr. Rosa Pena.

(Update June 2013) About Mexican Dentists - Mexico Dentist Guide has been purchased by American dentist Dr Nelson Henry AMD.  He believes dentistry in America should be more affordable.  

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