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Dental Tourism Caution Advisory by Board Certified Dentists Internationale'

Board Certified Dentists Internationale tells how dental tourists can avoid their dental implants going sideways after their dental vacation. 

By Sandra Jamala

Dental tourism today faces new challenges according to Ms. Carla Helena Sanchez the new Director of Certified Dentists Internationale.

“The expanding dental tourism industry is in danger of getting a black eye with many dental tourism websites and dental travel brokers promoting any dentist who is willing to pay their annual membership fees. The dentist membership fees can cost $1,500us or more per year and generate much valued high treatment patients for dentists in developing nations. 

The website dental broker agencies cannot possibly screen the credentials of the 1,000’s of dentists some agencies claim to list.  Consumers are often getting shoddy work from general dentists anxious to bag lucrative treatments by misrepresenting their qualifications to unsuspecting dental tourists. 

The problem for the consumer is that over 85% of dentists on the planet are only general dentists - not formally trained or certified for the kind of advanced dentistry that most dental tourists require. And many less-skilled and educated general dentists want to jump on the dental tourism gravy train.

The rest being certified specialist dentists with less than 1% actually being Board Certified Dentists.

                               Cabo San Lucas is a popular Mexico dental vacation destination 

The American Dental Association notes…”most dental tourism takes place in developing nations (Mexico, The Philippines, Thailand, India etc) and most of these countries do not restrict general dentists to performing only general dentistry" (cleanings, drilling and pulling teeth.)  

In the West, consumer protection laws prevent less-trained general dentists from attempting dental implants, crowns, root canals, oral surgery and other advanced dental procedures.

Ms. Sanchez continued: “Certified Dentists Internationale (CDI) endeavors to select only the very best board certified dentist applicants to join our association – we don’t approve every dentist applicant who wants to join us. We are very selective and do our due diligence on behalf of the patients.

Our Certified Dentist Internationale' members are among the very best with many being Presidents of their dental associations, dental specialist college professors, hospital maxillo-facial surgical department chiefs, award winners and distinguished lecturers at dental conventions."

CDI members work closely with American Dental Association dentist members and their counterparts in other Western nations in coordinating patients who find dental travel a necessary convenience for a variety of reasons – the greatest being affordability. 

Of equal importance is the quality of the work they will be receiving when abroad. Certified Dentists Internationale' dentists are recognized as the very best in each community. Dentist applicants have to be Presidents or Directors of their specialist organizations, dental college professors, award winners etc. and be senior dentists with many years of experience.

CDI staff assists potential dental travel patients select the right fully accredited dentist for their case, gets free estimates, resumes, referrals, gives dental tourism advice and sets appointments without cost to the patient. And the patient doesn't lose sleep worrying about inadvertently ending up with a dentist who is learning dental implants or oral restoration at their expense.

Carla H. Sanchez is a former Presidente’ of Board Certified Mexico Dentists Association and will be responsible for overseeing the growth of Certified Dentists International' as it expands it's Board Certified specialist's only dentist membership into other countries in Asia and Europe

By Sandra Jamala
President 2015-2016
Board Certified Asia Dental Association


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